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"Empowering your financial aspirations, we pave the path to prosperity. Invest with confidence, reap the rewards of informed choices."
by Bhim Gurung

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Founded on May 26, 2022, Global Management and Investment Company Pvt Ltd emerged as a distinguished firm headquartered in Surunga, Jhapa, Nepal. From its inception, the company has been committed to providing unparalleled accounting services and efficient business management solutions. Specializing in financial statement preparation, bookkeeping, tax planning, and a spectrum of advisory services, Global Management and Investment Company upholds a standard of accuracy and compliance with international benchmarks.

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Our mission is to empower businesses, both nationally and internationally, by providing unparalleled accounting services and innovative business management solutions. We are committed to delivering accuracy, transparency, and compliance in our financial services, ensuring the financial well-being of our clients. Simultaneously, we strive to enhance the operational efficiency and strategic positioning of businesses through our tailored management setups. Our dedicated team, guided by a client-centric philosophy, works tirelessly to foster growth and sustainability for our clients.

Company Information !!

Company Name: Global Management & Investment Company
Company Address: Kankai, Surunga, Jhapa, Nepal
Foundation Year: 09.28.2021
President Name: Bhim Gurung
Business Contents: Investment, Dispatch & Accounting
Capital Investment: 10,000,000

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